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Is the Daily Mail a real newspaper or just a really expensive paper to wrap around fish?

I just read on the Rue89 website, that, according to the Daily Mail, the “majority of the French are on state payroll”. From France, except for the Guardian and the Independent, the daily press is looked upon with contempt. I … Continue reading

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Why is Dr Hicheur in Prison, and why next to no-one cares about that ?

In 2009, Hadlène Hicheur, a post-doc at Lausanne’s EPFL, was arrested in Vienne, France, while he was visiting is parents. Two years later, he remains in jail, without being charged. Nature wrote something on him. I don’t really see the need … Continue reading

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11 Septembre 2001

Bon, tout le monde y va de son billet, où il ou elle était le 11 Septembre 2001, ce qu’il ou elle faisait, ce qu’il ou elle a pensé, ressenti… Alors, moi, j’étais au boulot, encore en France et j’ai … Continue reading

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