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Séralini did it again!

I was browsing through the internet to find matter for a post I’m currently writing on my French blog when I found that Séralini published another paper in which he claims that pesticides as sold to farmers or gardeners are … Continue reading

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Christian MPs try to lift ban on “prayer can heal”

There is one fascinating thing with some people, is that they’ll dare anything. After the outrage caused among christians who felt victimized by the decision of an English court to ban prayer before the beginning of city councils reunions, we … Continue reading

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The wall Street Journal did it again: how to manufacture doubt.

In an analogy, Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway compared certain scientists to the retired generals selling the war on Iraq in 2003 (Merchants of Doubt, p. 243, 2010). Like these generals, these scientists have been using their credentials  —whatever they … Continue reading

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Is the Daily Mail a real newspaper or just a really expensive paper to wrap around fish?

I just read on the Rue89 website, that, according to the Daily Mail, the “majority of the French are on state payroll”. From France, except for the Guardian and the Independent, the daily press is looked upon with contempt. I … Continue reading

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