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The UK, the EU and Brexit

It’s been a while since Britons decided to leave the EU, but the lies, the misconceptions and the half-truths that were common during the pre-referendum are still pretty much in fashion among British politicians. Listening to the news while driving … Continue reading

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Atheism +: a chance to widen the scope of american atheism

The recent months (or should I say years) have seen a bitter feud developing among atheists — American atheists first and foremost. As far as I understand, the divide lies between those who think that atheism should limit itself to the … Continue reading

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Vested interests in science: a problem not likely to go away quietly

Examples of scientists who bent their results to make them fit their theories are countless. Mengele in Nazi Germany or Lyssenko in stalinist USSR are prime examples. The anthropogenic global warming “controversy” also has its wealth of scientists doing away … Continue reading

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Two French journalists awarded for their fight against AGW deniers

Stéphane Foucart (I couldn’t find a blog for him but here’s a search for his articles in Le Monde) and Sylvestre Huet (his blog, in French, is here) have been awarded a price for their exposure of Anthropogenic Global Warming … Continue reading

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On the Green Party and the scientists: An answer to Sunny Hundal.

This letter on the Guardian raises some points, notably the one that says that scientists shouldn’t expect that politicians will follow every advice they give. This is clear, while scientists might provide advices, it’s up to the society to follow … Continue reading

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EU and EU countries throwing democracy out of the window for the sake of “security”

As one can read from the title, this post isn’t related to anything scientific. Well… Not directly at least. Yesterday, while looking at the tweeter feed, I read a short post pointing to the BBC website, where it was said … Continue reading

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