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Scientific fraud detection becoming more of a market

A team of scientists from the university of Syracuse University, U.S developed an algorithm able to check whether authors used the same image(s) across their publication1. This is a laudable aim. Now, as my title suggests, there is a catch: … Continue reading

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John Oliver nails it

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An unexpected use for WordPress stats.

I haven’t written on this blog for a little while. Life is just getting in the way of my writing it seems, and I can’t do it as much as I’d like to. Nevertheless, I regularly check the WordPress dashboard … Continue reading

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Séralini did it again!

I was browsing through the internet to find matter for a post I’m currently writing on my French blog when I found that Séralini published another paper in which he claims that pesticides as sold to farmers or gardeners are … Continue reading

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A much needed read

If you’re interested in science and policymaking, you probably know about Mark Lynas. If not, just a short recap: during the 1990s, Mark Lynas participated in the rise of the anti-GMO movement, and not just by giving talks, but also … Continue reading

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Vested interests in science: a problem not likely to go away quietly

Examples of scientists who bent their results to make them fit their theories are countless. Mengele in Nazi Germany or Lyssenko in stalinist USSR are prime examples. The anthropogenic global warming “controversy” also has its wealth of scientists doing away … Continue reading

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An epic fail of the EU commission and a victory for tweeter “citizens”

Last Friday, there was an uproar in Europe about an overtly sexist –and therefore stupid– video posted by the European Commission Office for blahblah. According to the PR surrounding the launch of this campaign and the ad posted on Youtube … Continue reading

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