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Science policies, and what I think about them

A much needed read

If you’re interested in science and policymaking, you probably know about Mark Lynas. If not, just a short recap: during the 1990s, Mark Lynas participated in the rise of the anti-GMO movement, and not just by giving talks, but also … Continue reading

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An epic fail of the EU commission and a victory for tweeter “citizens”

Last Friday, there was an uproar in Europe about an overtly sexist –and therefore stupid– video posted by the European Commission Office for blahblah. According to the PR surrounding the launch of this campaign and the ad posted on Youtube … Continue reading

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Open-source in academia and research charities

I discovered GNU/Linux in 2005, by attempting to install Ubuntu in a dual-boot with Windows XP. Windows got wiped out in the process and I was left with Ubuntu. This was kind of a fortunate mistake, because I never looked … Continue reading

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A prime example of how science should work: the “Faster-Than-Light” neutrinos

In fall last year, Italian scientists went public with puzzling data: they detected neutrinos emitted from CERN in Geneva which arrived 60 nanosecondes earlier than they should have if they have behaved according to the theory, i.e. travelling at the … Continue reading

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On expertise, argument from authority and scientific consensus

In my last note, I took on Allègre and his co-authors of the infamous “sixteen concerned scientists” op-ed for not being experts in climate science. When Kevin Trenberth answered Allègre and friends’ op-ed, he stated just that. The Wall Street … Continue reading

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The wall Street Journal did it again: how to manufacture doubt.

In an analogy, Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway compared certain scientists to the retired generals selling the war on Iraq in 2003 (Merchants of Doubt, p. 243, 2010). Like these generals, these scientists have been using their credentials  —whatever they … Continue reading

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Peter Gleick is a hero.

He has caused outraged among the global warming denialist for exposing them. The irony here is that while these guys are happy to misquote illegally obtained e-mails without any problem. They resort to street fighting techniques to peddle their lies … Continue reading

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